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Advances in Multiple Myeloma

The following abstracts represent the presentations given at IWWM-7 Newport, Session-14:

Session Chair: Dr. Anderson (USA)

Predictive Genomics and the Treatment of MM  Dr. Munshi (USA)

Frontline Approaches to the Treatment of MM  Dr. San Miguel (Spain)

Treatment Approaches to Relapsed and Refractory MM  Dr. Richardson (USA)

Maintenance Treatment Options in MM: Risk vs. Benefit  Dr. Palumbo (Italy)

Novel Treatment Approaches to MM  Dr. Anderson (USA)

Novel management of high-risk smoldering myeloma  Dr. Landgren (USA)

ASCT is dispensable in MM patients in the Era of Novel Agents? [YES]  Dr. Fermand (France)

ASCT is dispensable in MM patients in the Era of Novel Agents? [NO]  Dr. Barlogie (USA)

Newport 2012 (IWWM-7)


Kenneth C. Anderson MD
Nikhil Munshi MD
Steven Treon MD Ph.D


Christopher Patterson


Ranjana Advani MD
Kenneth C Anderson MD
Stephen Ansell MD PhD
Bruce Cheson MD
Meletios Dimopoulos MD
Jean-Paul Fermand MD
Morie Gertz MD
Irene Ghobrial MD
Stephanie Gregory MD
Robert Kyle MD
Charalampia Kyriakou MD PhD
Ola Landgren MD PhD
Veronique Leblond MD
Mary L McMaster MD
Giampaolo Merlini MD
Pierre Morel MD
Enrica Morra MD
Nikhil Munshi MD
Roger Owen MD
Jesus San Miguel MD PhD
Marvin Stone MD
Steven Treon MD PhD

The 7th International Workshop on WM (IWWM-7) was made possible through the kind and generous unrestricted grants or gifts from the following sponsors:

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Reports from the 7th International Workshop on Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia; August 23-26, 2012; Newport, Rhode Island:

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On Sunday, August 26, 2012, a Workshop Review session was held for patients and caregivers. This 2-hour session was recorded onto a DVD, which is available for the nominal price of $10 (includes shipping & handling).

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