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IWWM-10 Session 12: Oral Presentations of Selected Abstracts II

The following abstracts represent the presentations given at IWWM-10 (NYC-2018), Session 12: Oral Presentations of Selected Abstracts II

Session Chairs: Judith Trotman (Australia) and Ranjana Advani (USA)

Development of novel IRAK1 inhibitors for treatment of WM X. Liu (USA)

CANOMAD: Clinical, Biological, Electrophysiological and Treatment Analysis M. LeCann (France)

Ibrutinib Therapy in WM: Outcomes Outside a Clinical Trial J. Abeykoon (USA)

Phase II Study of Idelalisib and Obinutuzumab in relapsed/refractory WM C.Tomowiak (France)

Phase II Study of Bendamustine, Rituximab, Bortezomib in relapsed/refractory WM G. Benevolo (Italy)

New York 2018 (IWWM-10)

New York 2018 Conference Chairs

  • Jorge Castillo, MD (Dana-Farber)
  • Richard Furman, MD (Cornell University)
  • M. Lia Palomba, MD (Memorial Sloan Kettering)
  • Steven Treon, MD, PhD (Dana-Farber)
  • Chris Patterson - Secretariat (Dana-Farber)

The New York 2018 Scientific Committee members:

Ranjana Advani, MD (USA)
Jorge Castillo MD (USA)
Meletios Dimopoulos MD (Greece)
Ramón García-Sanz MD, PhD (Spain)
Zachary Hunter, PhD (USA)
Efstathios Kastritis, MD, PhD (Greece)
Marie Jóse Kersten MD, PhD (Netherlands)
Douglas E Joshua AM (Australia)
Véronique Leblond MD (France)
Giampaolo Merlini MD (Italy)
Roger Owen MD, MRCP, FRCPath (UK)
S.T. Pals, MD, PhD (Netherlands)
Marvin Stone, MD (USA)
Marzia Varretoni, MD (Italy)

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New York 2018 (IWWM-10) was held at the New York Marriott Downtown in New York City.

New York Marriott Downtown

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