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Treatment Considerations in WM

The following abstracts represent the presentations given at IWWM-8 (London-2014), Session-11:

Session Chair: E. Morra

Integrating signal inhibitors into WM therapy I. Ghobrial (USA)

Rituximab intolerance and alternatives in WM S. Kanan (USA)

Diagnosis and workup of the patient with amyloidosis G. Merlini (Italy)

Optimal timing for stem cell transplant in WM C. Kyriakou (UK)

Long term toxicity of therapy in WM E. Morra (Italy)


Special Luncheon Lecture:

Current Treatment Approaches to Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia in the United Kingdom S. D'Sa (UK)

London 2014 (IWWM-8)


  • Shirley D'Sa MD
  • Charalampia Kyriakou MD, Ph.D
  • Roger Owen MD
  • Steven Treon MD Ph.D


Christopher Patterson


  • Kenneth C Anderson MD
  • Bart Barlogie MD Ph.D
  • Meletios Dimopoulos MD
  • Jean-Paul Fermand MD
  • Morie Gertz MD
  • Irene Ghobrial MD
  • Marie-Jose Kersten MD Ph.D
  • Eva Kimby MD Ph.D
  • Sigurdur Kristinsson MD Ph.D
  • Robert Kyle MD
  • Ola Landgren MD PhD
  • Michael Lunn MD Ph.D
  • Veronique Leblond MD
  • Giampaolo Merlini MD
  • Pierre Morel MD
  • Enrica Morra MD
  • Nikhil Munshi MD
  • Jesus San Miguel MD PhD
  • Linda Pilarski Ph.D

5th International Doctor-Patient Forum on WM, London 2014

Jointly sponsored by IWMF and WMUK. Patient Track Part of IWWM8 doctor workshop. Open to all, worldwide, including families of patients and interested medical professionals.

The 2014 International Forum is one of the most important events of 2014 for the WM community worldwide.   It comes at the end of the IWWM8 (the 8th WM International Workshop) meeting for doctors organised by the Bing Centre for WM at Harvard, and a distinguished selection of the doctors coming to London from around the world will be with us on the Sunday to present the many new advances in treatment and care of WM.  The highlight of the day is likely to be a presentation from Dr Steven Treon and his Dana-Farber team from the Bing Centre outlining the latest research and trials involving Ibrutinib (Imbruvica®), which is emerging as a breakthrough therapy in many B cell related diseases, including WM.

Please note this meeting was organized through the IWMF and WMUK.  For more information, feel free to visit the IWMF website.