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Session 14: Management of Specific Disease Morbidities in WM (Part 2)

The following abstracts represent the presentations given at IWWM-9 (Amsterdam-2016), Session 14: Management of Specific Disease Morbidities in WM (Part 2):

Session Chair: Giampaolo Merlini (Italy)

Do patients with IgM related disorders have a different amyloid presentation and course? A. Wechalekar (UK)

What is the optimal work-up and treatment approach for the WM patient with amyloidosis? G. Merlini (Italy)

How should patients with symptomatic hyperviscosity and cryoglobulins be managed? M. Stone (USA)

Amsterdam 2016 (IWWM-9)

Amsterdam 2016 Organizers

  • MJ Kersten MD, Ph.D (U. Amsterdam)
  • Monique Minnema MD, Ph.D (UMC Utrecht)
  • Steven Pals MD, Ph.D (U. Amsterdam)
  • Steven Treon MD, Ph.D (Dana-Farber)
  • Chris Patterson - Secretariat (Dana-Farber)

The Amsterdam 2016 Scientific Committee members:

Stephen Ansell MD, PhD (USA)
Christian Buske MD, PhD (Germany)
Jorge Castillo MD (USA)
Meletios Dimopoulos MD (Greece)
Ramón García-Sanz MD, PhD (Spain)
Marie Jóse Kersten MD, PhD (Netherlands)
Douglas E Joshua AM (Australia)
Véronique Leblond MD (France)
Xavier Leleu MD, PhD (France)
Mary McMaster MD, PhD (USA)
Giampaolo Merlini MD (Italy)
Monique Minnema MD, PhD (Netherlands)
Enrica Morra MD (Italy)
Roger Owen MD, MRCP, FRCPath (UK)
S.T. Pals, MD, PhD (Netherlands)
Linda Pilarski PhD (Canada)
Steven Treon MD PhD (USA)

Click here to download the preliminary program agenda for the 9th International Workshop on WM (IWWM-9).

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Amsterdam 2016 (IWWM-9) was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam.

Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam

Please enjoy this interactive sightseeing map of Amsterdam:

Interactive Map of Amsterdam